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Business Rates

The new rating list came into force in April 2017. This assessment is the theoretical rent of the property.

Business rates are a government tax collected by the local authority on its behalf.

The rating assessment can be challenged. The reasons for challenge are limited, but a reduction may be successfully argued if the use of the property has changed, the area in use or devoted to uses has changed or the there have been changes in the neighbourhood.

. Check with us any concerns you may have about your present assessment and we will happily give you advice on the appropriate action.

Our fees for undertaking rating appeals are always discussed and agreed with you in advance and are based on the savings achieved. Further information on rating is available from the Valuation Office. Their web address is

Business rates now have to be paid on vacant property. There is an initial three months grace period on retail and office buildings and six months on industrial property. We can advise on methods of reducing this liability.